Making lists is hard

Man I thought it would be easy to make lists every day until.... Yeah sorry I've just been slack
  1. I've been sick.
    Arg. Stupid head cold makes me wanna do nothing but watch game of thrones and sleep.
  2. Work
    Oh you mean there is like real stuff to do?
  3. Social media grind
    Yeah. So many social things. So hard to be so social.
  4. Website
    Our website sucks. I've basically been staring blankly at that problem.
  5. Coffee
    It's hard to hold a coffee cup and type at the same time.
  6. Thumb cramps.
    Related to the social media grind. Anyone else wish people just went into stores to buy stuff like the good ol days?
  7. Quality or dont
    I'm like, does anybody care about lists that don't have pretty pictures.
  8. Snot
    My head is full of it.