Certain days of the week are just better than others, you know? Certain days might be better during some parts of the year, but here is my list on average over a full year.
  1. Saturday
    It's a weekend day with the benefit of not having to work the next day! Any project is possible. College football. Date night. Brunch. This day rocks.
  2. Sunday
    Could make an argument it's the best day during football season, but it's the penultimate day for me on average. There are times you can stress too much about having to go back to work the next day. Other bonuses: Sunday Funday, brunch, church, day baseball games, family dinner, premium tv night. Pretty good day.
  3. Friday
    The gateway to the weekend. A pretty nice day to take off for an extended weekend. Lots of jobs have casual Fridays and many folks don't seem to get a lot of work done. Not uncommon to see a half day of work. Also a good drinking night. New movies. High school football.
  4. Tuesday
    This is where my personal tastes really shine through. Tuesday is trivia day for me and it's great. It also typically ends up into a drinking night, so that's fun. Taco Tuesday. 2-for-Tuesday at many establishments. Lots of songs with Tuesday prominently mentioned. This used to be the day new albums were released.
  5. Thursday
    Getting down towards the end here. This is typically one of my most productive work days for me as I don't want to have a lot on my plate for Friday. Also, it's Throwback Thursdaze at Tijuana Flats, so I can get a good burrito meal for cheap. It's also the last day of the workweek whenever you take a Friday off. Nothing more annoying than hearing someone say, "It's my Friday!" However, there isn't a much better feeling when it's the truth.
  6. Monday
    You thought this would be last, didn't you?! You fool. Double points at Jersey Mike's. Monday Night Football. Lots of holidays take place on this day, so we can have a long weekend. Also a nice day to take a day off to help with the weekend hangover. Fun fact: this is statistically the best day to buy a car since most folks purchase on weekends. The dealership will be dead and the sales folks will be more willing to deal.
  7. Wednesday
    Ugh. Not a fan. Hump day? Get out. I'm also typically hungover (see: Trivia Tuesday) so there's that. Wednesday Addams is a cool character. That's all I got.