Listen, there is a lot to hate about 2016. We'll be talking about this year for awhile. However, I'd like to take a moment to remember some good stuff:
  1. Cubs win World Series
    108 years. What a feeling.
  2. Train trips
    I took a trip from Orlando to D.C. to Chicago to St. Paul. Definitely a trip to remember.
  3. Doug Loves Movies show
    Taping in Orlando. Having "Mark Wahlberg" there was great.
  4. Game of Thrones and Archer
    Best shows on TV right now
  5. Red Rising series was read
    I read several good books, but these were my favorite and I've recommended them to several people who also love them.
  6. Lin Manuel Miranda
    Hamilton continues to be amazing and I took a deep dive into the show and its creator this year. Not only is he a legit genius who shares many similar interests with me, he comes across as one of the most positive and likable people you'll ever meet. A true shining star in the darkness.
  7. Orlando's response to the Pulse tragedy
    Everyone rallied together and I've rarely felt such a sense of community. The lines to give blood were long and amazing. Those same lines were more than happy to let universal donors like myself (O-) jump to the front. I always felt Orlando was a supportive community and this truly showed it.
  8. Time spent with friends
    Hard to be unhappy
  9. Winning trivia
    Jugger-Nut on Tuesdays
  10. All the concerts I attended
    I should really do more
  11. Eating a wonderful meal at places familiar and new
    Rarely am I disappointed
  12. Seeing Parker at his first Solar Bears game
    Felt great having my Godson at a game
  13. Spending time in northern MN and WI
    Seeing new places and feeling at home
  14. Guys weekend
    Need more of these as well
  15. Fantasy Football
    Championship and fun
  16. S'mores
    I mean, right?!
  17. Ice cream sundaes
  18. Time spent in a hammock chair
  19. Game nights
    I'm always down
  20. NFL draft
    A nice few days to play GM
  21. Little Caesars Crazy Bread
    Yes please
  22. Tonio and Munk get married
    A great time celebrating great people
  23. Marc and Sarah get engaged
    I feel so invested!
  24. Eggs
    My life would be worse without eggs
  25. A cigar and scotch
    A good way to unwind
  26. New pillows
    Why don't we buy these more often?!
  27. Garlic
    So good
  28. The Olympics
    I'm a sucker for all the events
  29. Taste the Nation
    A great event for a great cause
  30. Most sporting events I attended
    Magic, Solar Bears, Orlando City and many more.
  31. Chefs nights
    Wish I could have gone to more, but a delicious and beneficial event
  32. Voting
    Even if all my votes weren't for the eventual winners, it was still a joy and privilege to vote
  33. Coffee
    Good to have at any time of day at any place
  34. Anytime I gave or received a hug
    I feel like I may have a "don't hug me stance" going on way more than desired and I also don't like hugging someone that I feel doesn't really want to hug. That being said, a hug between two people that is given freely is a pretty good feeling.
  35. Puppies
    I mean, c'mon
  36. Emily Ratajkowski
    Big fan