Dreams I had from age 3 to 18 in titles
  1. The snake-slide in the basement
    I was 2 or 3 how do i even remember this one
  2. The hospital duck
    Yes i was scared of a yellow plastic duck leave me alone it seemed evil
  3. The cookie-scratch
    This is a dream that came true some scary psychic sh*t was that
  4. The house is on fire (again) !
    I had this dream almost every night growing up
  5. The black and white nightmare
    No need for explanation here
  6. Dexter is giving me nightmares
    Mix Dexter with the greek mythology elektra and you have a bloody nightmare
  7. The Universes bodyguard
    Yes i met a dream character called "the universe " in human form and it had a bodyguard
  8. Angel in Wonderland
    I could literally write a novel based on this dream
  9. Bitten by 1,2,3 cats
    3 dreams. First bitten by one cat, then 2, then 3 am i gonna die ??
  10. Childzombies
    I watch too much the walking dead
  11. The reaper, his sheeps and the Transit zone to heaven were dogs are not allowed
    Why ?? How ??
  12. Living with vitamin K deficiency
    This is not a real thing
  13. Police hotline out of service please come back later
    At least the real life police is better than that
  14. The new york toilet terrorists
    They did not want to hijack the bus i was in just its toilet. This would be a real improvement if this is how terrorist attacks actually go