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  1. 5 Empire
  2. 7 Awakens
  3. 4 Hope
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  1. Beating BYU in football 2014
    Mitch told me he had tickets to the game, we get down there at 8pm and says "about that..." We have to scalp our way in, make it in the game and whup the Cougs in Lavell Edwards. We partied the whole night in Provo, near burned the city down. Right before the game we listened to Jay-Z's "Run this Town" and the Aggies sure did.
  2. Demolishing Boise State 2015
    Pure jubilation and destruction. Rushing the field. Being kings.
  3. The Brandon Davies Pullout Game
    College fans are supposed to be raunchy and sophomoric and petty. We owned if that night.
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  1. 4th of July
    Special bc only us Americans get it, FOH rest of the world. Blow stuff up, drive demolition cars, barbecue, go to Mount Rushmore etc. The greatest pure day of the year.
  2. Christmas
    If we were counting singular months then December would win. Parties, treats, sweaters, movies, carols, snow happen all month long. Killer month. As a single day Christmas is still 💯
  3. Thanksgiving
    Food football and a new sucky Hunger Games movie. It's the life man.
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  1. 1.
    Mexican food
  2. 2.
    GTFO Other Foods
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  1. Burritos
  2. The NBA
  3. Musicals about Americas founding fathers
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