1. Really nice fancy toilets at restaurants
  2. Inky pens that flow really well
  3. Swimming in the British sea
    Way better than swimming in actually warm therefore probs shark-infested waters
  4. Smashing out a really good emoji combination
  5. Having someone agree with an unpopular opinion
  6. Sudoku, oh my god
  7. Any overground train journey on a quiet day but especially the route to Liverpool Street
    It's almost orgasmic
  8. Licking the sugar off your mouth after a delicious doughnut
  9. Settling in for those sexy long haul flights
  10. Watching Abbi do anything on Broad City
  11. Wanting to watch a new show and not even having to resort to dodgy illegal websites to do so as it's free on Netflix or catch up
  12. Preparing to play a party game that you're fucking beast at
  13. Starting to read a book you know you'll love
  14. Riding on chairlifts and dangling your skis
    Last felt this pleasure maybe three years ago but I remember all of it
  15. Spelling a difficult word correctly first time round
  16. Getting to wear a pair of remotely matching socks
  17. Getting to wear soft socks that don't rub against your foot