This is definitely correct, this one
  1. Northern line
    Gross and confusing
  2. Central line
  3. Metropolitan line
    Pretty shit, only serves north-west London which is the worst part
  4. Hammersmith and city line
  5. Waterloo and city
    Never actually been on it, but it only serves two stations which is crap so
  6. Piccadilly line
    Sometimes ok
  7. Circle line
    I like this line, but it being an actual circle is extra and maddening
  8. London overground
    An effective, fast line with views
  9. Victoria line
    Very efficient, but only intersects with the central line once which sucks
  10. Bakerloo line
    It's old and endearing
  11. District line
    I love the district line
  12. DLR
    Like the overground but thrice as cool
  13. Jubilee line
    Obviously, the sexiest line