1. Amount of times I played myself
  2. Like a top ten of the people I've thought most about
  3. Amount of times I nearly died
  4. Things I've said the most
    To discover my true catchphrase
  5. Times I've crossed the line, displayed in bar chart format as to see how much
  6. Times I've been truly happy
    I bet it will be like four
  7. The year in which I had the most meltdowns
    I hope for my sake nothing can top 2017
  8. How the thing most important to me changed by year
    Is this too much to ask of a statistic
  9. Number of times I've been at a loss as to what's going on
  10. Whether or not I ever loved anyone as I much as I love the train journey from Liverpool Street to home
    I suspect not
  11. Times I won at a game of some sort
    Which is constantly guys. This ones less out of curiosity and more out of ego
  12. Number of times I quit when the going got tough
    Also constantly