Places I kinda wanna live but like I don't know

  1. Canterbury, uk
    The rainy cobbles and cathedral are beautiful and I saw several cool shops but small towns terrify me
  2. Islington, Londonnnnnnnnnnnnn
    But I don't knoww cos I DESPISE Camden market and the thought of weed gives me a headache :,((((((((
  3. Brixton, s london
    I like it but east London is my home and therefore loyalties, yanno?
  4. Boston, Massachusetts
    Fave place I've ever been on holiday but America is hard and confusing
  5. Seattle, usa
    Mostly cos of the rain, Frasier and greys anatomy
  6. Hideaway ski chalet in Switz
    But as soon as the snow melted I would be so out
  7. Hawkins, indiana
    After the aesthetic wore away I would definitely die that's the one snag
  8. Bath, uk
    Pengest city ever