Tv deaths I can get over

And did, immediately
  1. Tara, Buffy the vampire slayer
    Never really jumped aboard the Tara train. I mean, she was fine and all, but I remained indifferent to her up to death. I do grasp that it was a bit peak tho
  2. Lexie, greys anatomy
    Looool I didn't give two shits about Lexiee. Sorry you somehow got buried by a plane
  3. Finn, the 100
    Lol screw you Finn. Soz that you are irrelevant, I guess, and idk if it was just me but EVERY NEW FRAME HE WAS IN HE LOOKED DIFFERENT
  4. Barb, stranger things
    Ffs. Everyone pretends to care about Barb to fit in with the memes, but honestly does anyone give a single fuck? I know I don't
  5. Izzie Stevens, Greys Anatomy
    Look. I know Izzie didn't die. I know that. It's just I felt damn good about it when she left with everyone hating her and that, my friends, is enough
  6. Robb Stark
    Lool I. Didn't. Care. He was all about honour and that's so boring, get fucking rekd Robb
  7. Dobby
    Maybe I'm just the worst person ever but why does everybody care ??? I was jus chilling when Dobby died and continued to do so as all around me cried