My google search history is a deep, personal place. If released, my credibility on anything and everything would be completely revoked. These are things I've actually googled to solve problems and questions I've actually had.
  1. What to get your long-distance mom for her birthday
    Talk to google the way you would talk to a friend, you get better results
  2. Can I use actual liquor to sanitize stuff
    When you don't have rubbing alcohol, but your friend with pink eye borrowed your makeup
    Googled in all caps in a state of desperation
  4. Cheap but nice spas
    For those 20-somethings with 70+ knots in their back but -70 dollars in their bank account
  5. How do I do acid
    ?????? I have no explanation for this one. I've never considered doing acid in my life, except apparently July 20th at 12:47 am.
  6. What should I do for the rest of my life
    .... Still waiting for an answer. Google didn't provide me with much other than buzzfeed personality quizzes
  7. Do payphones still exist
    Googled at home from my iPhone 6... Just in case
  8. How to help friends who are obsessed with Harry Styles
    Friends don't let friends cry over 1D
  9. Is post grad depression real
    Yes, yes it is very real. Thankfully the Internet backed me up on this one.
  10. How to grocery shop without only buying 5 bottles of wine and 3 avocados
    Still don't have an answer to this one
  11. How much is too much to pay for a broken TV on Craigslist
    Googled AFTER purchasing broken TV on Craigslist, just to see how much we should be crying