From a SEA to ORD transplant
  1. Dunkin' donuts
    I had no idea this existed in real life, I thought it was a fake place people mentioned in movies sometimes. NOPE. WRONG. ITS EVERYWHERE AND ITS AWESOME. I didn't know cheap coffee like this existed.
  2. Speaking of, Chicago LOVES their donuts
    Is a weekend without a donut really a weekend at all?
  3. Midwest people pronounce Oregon—[or-e-gone]
    No? That's not right? That's wrong please stop?
  4. Nobody knows what pho is
    And it's a bloody shame 🍜
  5. Grubhub
    God bless Grubhub. Any food, anytime, anywhere.
  6. As huge as this city is, you somehow can run it to all the people you know all the time
    I only know like 8 people and I have run into like 3 in the last week. I don't understand but I love it.
  7. Chicago knows how to brunch
  8. The CTA is the most organized transit system I've ever experienced
    All hail my Ventra card
  9. The beach (okay, lake) is always a walk away
    Even when it's 44 degrees with 23 mph winds. I'll take it.