1. Traffic
    Driving home alone with the windows down and my favorite music blasting is like my favorite thing ever. I don't care if I'm moving 4 mph and have 10 miles still to go. I am completely content. Plus, good people watching.
  2. Scones
    Dry, crumbly, hard time going down your throat. Yet somehow I crave them. I love them. I would do many unspeakable things for a good scone.
  3. People who snore
    Snoring doesn't bother me at all (unless it's crazy grandpa snores, but still not even that bad). It's kind of cute and makes me feel cozy and reminds me I'm not alone. Also depending on the person, can be good background music with a simple beat.
  4. Wind
    My hair flies in upside-down places, gets stuck to my lipgloss, looks like I've been sucked up a vacuum once I get where I'm going, but I LOVE wind. It makes me feel so alive and happy and free and I don't care what my hair is doing.
  5. Boys with squinty eyes
    Idk??? Idk but I love you?????? Marry me???? Ilysm????