He was really effing attractive.
  1. Midnight blue pants. Need I say more?
    If I die young, bury me in absolutely nothing, lay me down in bed of midnight blue pants.
  2. Cute shirt why are you still wearing it?
  3. Am I allowed to feel this way??
    I gave you my copay, am I still allowed to have emotions???
  4. Don't laugh, don't laugh, don't laugh
    Literally had to get myself to think of some pretty serious sad stuff (ISIS) in order not to giggle as he stared into my soul AKA my eyeballs
  5. Why does somebody like this have to see me in such a broken state
    Pink eye. Like I couldn't even wing my eyeliner. How will he ever fall in love with me when he met me looking like I was dared to keep my eyes open for 48 hours straight??
  6. Oh oops I actually can't see anything guess I'll have to come back tomorrow and the next day and every day until I can see clearly
    Which will be never, get used to me.
  7. How old are you hot eye doctor who left in sunglasses with a smile and muscley arms bye ily ttyl
  8. Should I send him a follow up email? Did I forget to ask him something?
    I'm sure I did. I must have.