A landlord saga
  1. Realize they do not control your happiness
    They're just a dick who lives upstairs
  2. Get a voo-doo doll
    And a million needles. Jk. Not jk.
  3. Spend as little time as possible interacting with them
    Only when necessary, don't spend 5 hours crafting an email they are only going to shut down. That's 5 hours you could have spent living your life.
  4. When you do interact, try to view the situation as a third-party and leave your emotions aside
  5. Always have a bottle of wine on hand
    In case things go bad. (They will.)
  6. Write lists about them
    Good anger management
  7. Remind yourself there are 91737293 other people who fulfill you, and one horrible rotten egg isn't going to control you