Those days when the night before was amazingly fun but the morning after is painful...
  1. Wake up early because your body wants to get a jump start on torturing you
  2. Drink all the ginger ale
    For some reason, soda really hits the spot when you're hung over and ginger has got to be healthy...
  3. Eat something healthy for breakfast
    You're gonna go back to sleep soon — plenty of time to eat chips when you wake back up again (I favour kale smoothies)
  4. Watch the sappiest sad movie on TV
    Crying over sad movie as proxy for crying over hang over-induced mortification of things you said the night before
  5. Late morning nap
    Won't be restful, but too stupid brain to do anything else
  6. Late afternoon nap
    So much better
  7. Kombucha + early bedtime
    No idea if kombucha really helps clear out toxins, but every little bit helps!