Everyone on the internet loves cats. People seem to have these lovable, cuddly gorgeous looking moggy's who never cause a minutes trouble and take amazing pictures. I was romanced by it and decided to get a cute kitty of my own. I didn't, I got the worst cat....
  1. Bites my feet if I don't get out of bed straight away.
  2. Climbs the bookcase.
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  3. Pees in my shoes.
  4. Knocks over everything. Everything.
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  5. Eats out of the bin even thought I feed him better food than me.
  6. Eats cactus.
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  7. Jumps and scratches at the walls, for no reason.
  8. Has to sit on your back when you just want to use the toilet in peace.
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  9. Chews the bristles on my makeup brushes.
  10. Rips up books.
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  11. Rips holes in all my nicest shirts.