Best 90s Bands

What are the best bands of the 1990s?
  1. Faith No More
    Pound for pound nobody delivered greater range or quality of songwriting. Their 2015 album is fantastic and makes you ask why they ever broke up?
  2. Pearl Jam
    Love the first 4 albums. After No Code their songwriting lacked the punch. Still a great live show.
  3. Soundgarden
    The Led Zeppelin of the 90s. Had hopes for recent release but they really peaked at Superunknown.
  4. Nirvana
    Really Nevermind and unplugged. The rest is OK.
  5. Primus
    Les Claypool is God!
  6. Rage Against the Machine
    Angry and heavy at the same time!
  7. Alice in Chains
    What a great talent that was destroyed by H.
  8. Stone Temple Pilots
    That voice! Another one lost to H
  9. Foo Fighters
    Better than Nirvana. Dave Grohl is just friggin awesome.
  10. Living Colour
    Vernon Reid is master of guitar. Great albums after the first one too.
  11. Public Enemy
    Greatest rap band ever.
  12. Tool
    Pink Floyd meets metal