1. I don't like Bruce Springsteen.
  2. I think the Beatles' "The Long and Winding Road" is overrated.
  3. I think John Mayer's "Gravity" is overrated, too.
  4. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is my least favorite HP book.
  5. I don't like animal crackers.
  6. I'm also not a huge fan of carrots. Or tuna. Or Velveeta. Or root beer.
  7. I have an irrational hatred of hunting camo. And pictures of guys holding up the fish/deer they caught/killed.
  8. I think the guys-wearing-diamond-stud-earrings-on-both-ears trend is incredibly douchey-looking.
  9. I'd much rather be cold than hot.
    On a similar note, I'd rather freeze to death or drown than burn alive.
  10. I don't get the Napoleon Dynamite obsession.
  11. With a few exceptions (Beyoncé, Adele, Lady Gaga), I think the majority of top 40 music/musicians right now is/are absolute garbage.
    You don't have to be talented to be successful in music anymore—you just have to have the right look and a marketable attitude.
  12. Oreo Thins are pointless. If you're going to eat an Oreo, eat a real Oreo.
    Or eat Double Stuf. Those are the best.
  13. I still can't get into the choker trend. (They remind me too much of the short story about the girl with the red ribbon around her neck.)
  14. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman: not that good.
    Nor is Miss Peregrine, sorry.
  15. I am Team Cholula, 1000%.
    Tabasco & Red Hot can kiss my ass
  16. La La Land was a good movie, but I'm not anywhere near as enamored with it as everyone else is.
    (i love u emma stone but ur singing was subpar i'm sorry)
  17. Not a huge fan of Tom Cruise.
  18. Tomato seeds DO NOT belong in tomato sauce.