Requested by Rachel


  1. Oval 90s sunglasses & short graphic tee
    This look is brilliantly late 90s. I owned many of small oval sunglasses. And she knows how to work a white graphic tee.
  2. The iconic Darkness Falls jacket
    If you didn't have a brightly colored windbreaker jacket in the 90s, you didn't really live in the 90s.
  3. Haphazard white dress shirt
    I'm just in love with this look & it's from a 90s episode. Nothing super 90s specific about it.
  4. Bangs & Flannel
    Ah yes. Bangs that seemed "feathered." As someone who had some weird bang years, I love this. Also, FLANNEL.
  5. Big wire-framed glasses & clipped back hair that symbolized "casual" in the 90s.
    Nothing says I'm ready to let my hair putting it up.
  6. Crew neck sweatshirt!
    In the pilot, they want to make it very clear when they are off the clock. A crew neck sweatshirt is a great indication of lounging around in the 90s. Plus I just love it.
  7. Classic Pilot box suit
    She looks super cute & adorable, but let's all appreciate the shoulder pads & plaid.
  8. Lace!
    Why isn't lace worn more often? RIP lace.
  9. Slightly smaller wire-framed glasses in the later 90s.
    Digging this aesthetic all over. Wavy hair, glasses, sleeveless blouse. You go Scully.
  10. VEST!
    Not just any vest. A SEUDE VEST.
  11. DENIM!
    Her eyes match her denim. I'm so here for it.
  12. Red plaid box suit
    Can someone explain this to me? At least the hair flare is keeping it all real.