1. Oval 90s sunglasses & short graphic tee
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    This look is brilliantly late 90s. I owned many of small oval sunglasses. And she knows how to work a white graphic tee.
  2. The iconic Darkness Falls jacket
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    If you didn't have a brightly colored windbreaker jacket in the 90s, you didn't really live in the 90s.
  3. Haphazard white dress shirt
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    I'm just in love with this look & it's from a 90s episode. Nothing super 90s specific about it.
  4. Bangs & Flannel
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    Ah yes. Bangs that seemed "feathered." As someone who had some weird bang years, I love this. Also, FLANNEL.
  5. Big wire-framed glasses & clipped back hair that symbolized "casual" in the 90s.
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    Nothing says I'm ready to let my hair down...like putting it up.
  6. Crew neck sweatshirt!
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    In the pilot, they want to make it very clear when they are off the clock. A crew neck sweatshirt is a great indication of lounging around in the 90s. Plus I just love it.
  7. Classic Pilot box suit
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    She looks super cute & adorable, but let's all appreciate the shoulder pads & plaid.
  8. Lace!
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    Why isn't lace worn more often? RIP lace.
  9. Slightly smaller wire-framed glasses in the later 90s.
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    Digging this aesthetic all over. Wavy hair, glasses, sleeveless blouse. You go Scully.
  10. VEST!
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    Not just any vest. A SEUDE VEST.
  11. DENIM!
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    Her eyes match her denim. I'm so here for it.
  12. Red plaid box suit
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    Can someone explain this to me? At least the hair flare is keeping it all real.