These are but a few. I swoon a lot.
  1. "You're a woman, look like a woman." Danny Castellano
  2. "Look at that girl Dawson. You just take a good look. She's a freaking goddess man! How long did you think it was going to be before some guy comes along and is interested in her, I mean really, dude?" Pacey Witter
    I love this because it's before he even realizes he is interested in Joey! He just respects her and her friendship and doesn't see her as anybody's possession like Dawson does. Also "I remember everything"
  3. "This thing we're doing here, me, you, I just want you to know I'm in. I'm all in." Luke Danes
  4. "It's always been you Summer. It's just always been you. I tried to deny it and I tried to fight it. And I can't, I can't do it. You're undeniable." Seth Cohen
  5. "You have a problem with Veronica, you're pretty much dead to me, so just like evaporate or something, I don't know." Logan Echolls
    "They don't write songs about the ones that come easy" also acceptable
  6. “You’re an amazing cheerleader. And I think you have that same feeling that I get when I play. That ‘nothing else matters’ feeling. I think you need that right now. I don’t wanna see you give up because of what we had between us. Whatever, whatever it was.” Tim Riggins
  7. "I wanna be someone who's good enough to be seen with you." Nathan Scott