Technologies or devices that make my life easier/better that I don't want to do without.

  1. Online banking
    Being able to pay bills online beats the heck out of writing a bunch of checks.
  2. Satellite radio
    I spend a lot of time in my car. One time I was way out in west Texas several miles southeast of Odessa. I put the AM radio on scan and it went full circle without ever locking in on a signal. (FM wasn't finding a station either. Better variety or listen to the same station all the way across country.
  3. Sonos
    I remember when I had an amp, a turntable, cassette deck and tuner like Buck from Boogie Nights would have sold me. Now I stream my music to different rooms in my house. Coupled with Apple Music and Amazon Prime music I have a nearly limitless library.
  4. Amazon and Amazon Prime
    Let's face it, they may be the largest online retailer in America but they are a tech company. Shopping, streaming movies and music; very convenient.
  5. iPhone/Smartphone
    In my pocket I have a computer that can send messages, email, browse the Internet, take pictures and videos, use as a clock/alarm clock, navigation tool and it is a telephone too!