1. when i came into school and the guy that is also always there super early in the morning had his tiny ipod with kanye west's new album on it and we shared earbuds and listened to ultralight beam
  2. we shot off a confetti canon and i found a super long piece and gil tied it up into my hair and it was stupid but also kind of cute
  3. cuddling my sister after she came home from work at 1 am and needed recovery and she told us we smell like curry because we had been making shrimp curry all night
  4. when we were driving me home after prom after 1 am and there were a dozen green lights ahead of us down the hill and my date and the boys wanted to run through them all
    the other girls had already been dropped off so i was the only one screaming not to speed
  5. waking up and immediately opening my laptop the day my SAT score came out and seeing that i got a 1510 and a 23 on the essay
    i texted my best friend first
  6. inviting my friends over to my house for the first time so they can take pictures of my during golden hour for their photography class
    lets just say they were a little blown away. by my backyard. but also by my neverending beauty. but mostly my backyard
  7. kayaking with my best friend and getting off at a little hidden piece of shore to just jump in the water because it felt so good
  8. coming downstairs waiting for my friends and realizing my aunt had put out all of this food and cupcakes to make my birthday into a real party
  9. sitting with all of my friends out at the gazebo and the hammocks and talking about how i feel about my prom date and what he said to me
    they laughed at his corny lines and also that he called me anorexic as if its a compliment
  10. driving to get bubble tea before prom started and after we finished pictures. two of my dates friends hopped in the van and one of them had to sit in the trunk and james had to share a seat with his date but it worked.
    for the sake of my dates privacy ive covered him up but trust that he is making an adorable expression.
  11. stuffing four people into our friends backseat because we all wanted to go volunteering but nobody else could drive
    and ducking all the way down whenever we saw a cop
  12. receiving a valentines gram from the guy who had a crush on me while he was in the room in front of our entire ap chemistry class and having it handed to me by our student teacher aka will who i used to play in the church band with but quit and everyone said "awwww"
    which prompted will to then say "why are you guys awww'ing?"
  13. getting asked to prom and realizing i had been completely surprised and my friends were all in on it
    i want to make a whole list about this so ill keep it short
  14. buying my kanken bookbag. the lady who checked it out for me said "wow, that was quick" because i had wanted this bag for so long and i knew exactly what i wanted
    i wasnt playing games
  15. visiting LA with my mom, sister, and her boyfriend and remembering what it felt like to be a family
    we ditched our extended family for the day and i couldnt have been more relieved
  16. when a guy asked me if i wanted to get a cup of coffee with him and i completely forgot how to speak english
    he said "its ok if you dont want to", continued to talk about school for a few seconds, then bolted out of the room
  17. listening to the guy who used to have a crush on me give a monologue about how sometimes love doesnt work out and you have a relationship with someone in your mind and not in reality
    he compared it to going up a rollercoaster and the drop finding out its not real. or something like that. i cant remember
  18. laughing like an old man on accident because james told me to laugh for a picture which made us both laugh hysterically and genuinely
  19. getting jets deep dish pizza with turbo crust and watching big time rush after a long day kayaking and swimming at the lake with my best friend
  20. sleeping in my own bed, alone in ANY bed, for the first time in two weeks
  21. grocery shopping in walmart with my sister and zach and taking forever because we couldnt decide on which dessert to take home
  22. a friend giving us a tour of his insane and huge backyard which included two peacocks, a tiny hike to the "view", and was basically a mini-zoo
  23. when we all went up to said view and tim walked right into a cactus and gil had to tweeze out all of the spikes from his leg
  24. when a friend and i traded jackets and he wanted to see me wear it before we went to different classes so i put it on and it was ridiculously gigantic on me but mine was kind of normal on him because i always wear oversized stuff
  25. playing "slide", a clapping game, with tony and internally screaming because he slapped so hard
    he was having way too much fun
  26. "movie night" when i was snuggled up in a blanket and holding a sleeping kitten in my arms and my favorite people were around me playing smash with a projector and a white sheet
  27. baking brownies with my little cousin, playing board games and card games, and eating the brownies with milk while watching family fued
  28. eating at a sushi buffet with my sister and zach, but they charged if you wasted any food so having to stuff the inedible sushi in a napkin in my purse
  29. and when annies kitten (her name is baku by the way) started licking me and annie said "she likes you!"
  30. when esdras gave me a whole bag of lindor chocolates and another bag full of little hersheys chocolates the day after my birthday
  31. volunteering at the senior centers mother's day banquet and eating all of the little cheesecakes and cookies
    snapchat and caption by: gilliam
  32. me: gum me
    Harrison: I GUMMED YOU.
  33. when Gil jumproped with a tiny jumprope and sang a horrific version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the little kids were so entertained
  34. when i got stuck on a rollercoaster with christina and a bunch of her friends and it was 7:50 and we were supposed to get back to the bus at 8 and the NightHawk was just STOPPED
  35. it was about 5 in the morning. i was waiting for the bus to go to frs with all the other key club members. i was standing alone, waiting for my friend Christina because i didn't really know anyone. this girl dakota sees me and asks if i have a bus buddy and a group to go with, and then asks me to sit with her and go with her group. so damn sweet.
  36. when tony said he is like leslie from parks and rec and everyone else is mark brandawiz and i realized its 100% true.
  37. watching the boy next to me in AP Literature write a breakup letter to his girlfriend. didn't try to read it but I did catch a glimpse of "I still love you" and the title was "Problems"
  38. when Nataly and I were walking to find the guys after weight training and she told me how she wanted to go to a school like in Glee with lockers and cute guys and cute gym uniforms and lunch trays
  39. when I realized I was the only left handed person in my government class and literally everyone needed me to sign their human bingo card
  40. when Carlos invited me to go to a swamp meet and I had no idea what that was.
  41. when he said the answer to my question posed four months ago was "yes"
  42. reading letters and notes my family wrote to me for my Confirmation and tearing up because they were so thoughtful. One of those times I knew I was truly cared about.
  43. when my friend brought me back a wooden keychain with my name on it from the Philipines and I went to hug him but he said "I'm hot and sweaty." so we both just looked at each other and decided not to.
  44. running with another girl for weight training class, talking about using the period excuse and what to say to our coach to let us off the hook for running. I was like, "I'm just gonna say 'I have my period everyday.'" And then we both look at each other and go "I have a condition." in perfect unison.
    We laughed but also I was dying inside from the running. It was a nice reprieve.
  45. when i didn't want gil to know what the year in pixels diagram really meant so i told him i was tracking my period and he immediately dropped it
  46. when this kid in my lab group and i bonded over our love of MUJI and he goes "hey i have that bookbag too!" and i was like "omg what color" and he ran over to his desk and held it up to show me
  47. sitting next to edward in the movie theatre watching IT and seeing him jump, curse, and partially choke on his food at all the jump scares
  48. eating meals we had made with my sister and zach, watching freaks and geeks in her apartment
  49. playing a huge cello solo from a Pirates of the Carribean medley in orchestra, which was both nervewracking and amazing
  50. when i found out i got second chair in region orchestra, second to a senior when i was but a wee freshman, and freaking out with my mom because it was ✨legen... waitforit... dary✨
  51. taking off my jacket in orchestra, and hearing stephan behind me cry out "lily what are you doing?!" because he thought my jacket was a shirt and i was taking all of my clothes off
  52. pretending to be teachers in the teacher's lounge with all of the fancy machines (electric holepunchers) and complaining about our students and calling each other mrs. vu and mr. markowitz
  53. when i thought i accidentally skipped class and then tony went along with it and told me coach hauser sent them to get me and i started panicking and packed all my stuff to go back to weight training. and then he told me he was just kidding and i died.
  54. standing out in the rain with pals outside of the school gates talking about club stuff, thinking the supervisor is going to tell us to leave, but he just says he’s listening in on our business
  55. dis
    i look faded