(+ loosely related cute gifs)
  1. crawling into bed after a long day
  2. a hot beverage on a cold day warming up your insides and traveling down your chest
  3. seeing the results of your hardwork finally pay off
  4. drink of cold water when you wake up in the middle of the night and it tastes 10x better than you remember
  5. getting through somthing without tripping up or making any mistakes
  6. feeling like you're apart of something/feeling included
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  7. having to laugh so hard that you can't breathe
  8. creating art that you really like
  9. finding an amazing new song that makes you want to dance/feel things/get upset over an ex you never had
  10. seeing the sunrise
  11. finding out that the thing you were worrying about was untrue/didn't happen.
  12. having someone finally open up to you
  13. being looked up to.
  14. coming home for christmas
  15. the chills you get listening to an amazing song
  16. succesfully getting through a hard run of notes in a piece of music
  17. getting a text reply immediately ☺️
  18. landing a joke and having the whole group laugh really hard because you're a comedic genius
  19. sitting in the sun but it hits you just right, not too hot, and feeling yourself get sleepy