1. my sister and i played together in my mom's room with the door closed
  2. bright, warm, golden sunshine filled the bedroom- two innocent kids witth nothing but happiness on our faces and laughter in our hearts
  3. 🌅
  4. when we came outside, we saw my dad's relatives rushing out through the front door
  5. and my mom looks like the life has been drained from her but i still don't know that anything is wrong
  6. 🌅
  7. the next thing i remember- I'm sitting in the back of a black car
  8. crying my eyes out as I realize what has happened and why we're here
  9. death has a way of sneaking up on us, shaping the rest of our lives
  10. 🌅
  11. & I think about what it would be like if death had never stolen him from me
  12. a parallel universe where instead of a "better place", my dad is still here
  13. 🌅
  14. but they're just fantasies
  15. they'll never replace the real memories that you can feel, of mornings with golden sunshine and laughter
  16. so i move on to make warm memories with the one i love that are still here
  17. because one day you won't have any more chances to make new ones.
  18. Static
  19. (p.s. i wrote this for a poetry competition in Creative Writing Club for my school and the guy who judged it said i won and i got a 25 dollar itunes gift card and i feel bad about it to this day)