warning: very TMI period information
  1. i volunteered for about six hours each today and yesterday
  2. we were promised free chick fil a sandwhiches for lunch for all of the volunteers
  3. but the first day me and two of my friends didn't get any because they ran out and didn't know we were out at this station on the other side of campus
  4. and literally everyone else got chick fil a
  5. so naturally we were very angry
  6. the next day i brought a LOT of snacks because i had to protect myself from dissapointment
  7. then i started stretching my legs to try and touch my toes and my friend was helping me by pulling my hand closer to my foot when i started to FEEL MY PERIOD COME OUT
  8. i pop two ibuprofen because i track my periods and i came prepared
  9. so i started my period ive got terrible cramps but IM THINKING ABOUT THIS SANDWHICH. im like. okay. i can get through this. ill have a hot chicken sandwhich soon in my tummy
  10. then it turns out today they ordered pizzas instead
  11. so i eat a slice but im feeling a little queasy because of the cramps and the grease
  12. then me and my pal gilliam are going through registration when we see the chick fil a tent.
  13. we both want this sandwhich.
  14. i have no money.
  15. he offers to buy me the sandwhich
  16. and honestly, ive never felt more loved
    this might be the period talking
  17. friendship is so underrated
  18. we buy the sandwhiches
    its five dollars each. which is more than normal. we dont care for some reason
  19. it tastes so beautiful in my mouth. in my stomach. i savor it. i dip it in chick fil a sauce. its an amazing experience. fried goodness
    if you dont like chick fil a honestly just FUCK OFF RIGHT NOW (jk i'll respect your opinion)
  20. we joke with the other volunteer and tell him we got it for free.
  21. he walks all the way down to the tent in the hot sun and TRIES TO ASK THEM FOR A FREE SANDWHICH
    i still feel bad about this
  22. thirty minutes later, a girl named allison comes up with a giant bag FULL of chicken sandwhiches and says we can take as many as we want
    id never felt so happy and so betrayed in one moment
  23. i feel so bad that i let gil buy me that chicken sandwhich when we could have waited and had it for free
  24. i take two and put it in my backpack anyways
  25. so, that was my day.
    currently wondering why period cramps aren't a valid excuse to get out of EVERYTHING.
  26. also i helped a coach's daughter out because i happened to have ibuprofen because of my period
    so you could say im a hero.
  27. also, i finally reached 100 followers!
    yay me!