Requested by @veshecco
thanks for the lr @veshecco ! 💖💖💖 I've added what songs you should start out with in case you haven't heard their music yet and want to get into it. p.s. they're numbered but i mostly love them the same amount, plus they satisfy different musical needs
  1. Walk the Moon
    An absolute favorite. Also can we talk about Kevin Ray. // I Can Lift A Car (favorite song of all time), Portugal, THEIR ENTIRE FIRST ALBUM
  2. dodie
    I'm actually obsessed. With her music, her aesthetic, who she is as a person. So talented and makes wonderful original music. // You, Absolutely Smitten, Intertwined
  3. Lorde
    Beautiful. Melodrama. A true queen. Chilling. An ALL TIME FAVORITE. Her new album was an event in my HEART. // Green Light
  4. Young the Giant
    Breathtaking music. Sameer has a voice out of this world. They're In The Open sessions are worth crying over. Check them out. // Titus Was Born, Mr. Know It All, Cough Syrup, St. Walker, Every Little Thing
  5. Damien Rice
    I'm a slut for acoustic guitar/indie folk/strings. Every song is so beautiful. I want this music to be a part of who I am as a PERSON. // Dogs
  6. John Mayer
    I avidly follow his twitter and account (when he posts). His music speaks for itself. I dont have adequate words but they make me feel something when I just feel like the world is too overwhelming. // I'M SURE YOU'VE HEARD OF JOHN MAYER but Stop This Train is one of my all time favorites.
  7. Sleeping At Last
    Faith, Chasing Cars, Already Gone, Venus, Pacific
  8. Taylor Swift
    Yes, she's controversial. Yes, she could speak out more on issues affecting women of color. But as a musician, I hold her near and dear to my heart. I've loved her for years and her music never dissapoints me. // If you've only heard Taylor on the radio, I suggest You Are In Love, All Too Well, State of Grace, Untouchable, Welcome to New York
  9. One Direction
    I understand if you hate me for this. But I'm 1D AF. // Some less radio-played ones are Taken, Stand Up, I Would, Why Don't We Go There. Other favorites are Perfect, Fireproof, No Control
  10. Ingrid Michaelson
    I'm sure you've heard of her... Or maybe you've heard her songs around but don't know her name. Her songwriting and voice is strong but delicate at the same time. She does upbeat so well but then in the next track makes you cry. // Some popular ones are Be OK, You and I, and Girls Chase Boys. I also love The Chain, Glass, Die Alone, and Keep Breathing if you want to DIVE IN. Also Celebrate.
  11. The XX
    You already know. // On Hold, Try, Angels, Our Song
  12. Kesha
    I love music from all stages of Kesha. First it was addicting pop anthems and now its empowering anthems. // Your Love Is My Drug, Past Lives, Wonderland, Praying
  13. The Wombats
    Glitterbug. 😍 // Sex and Question Marks, Moving to New York, Let's Dance to Joy Division, Emoticons
  14. Regina Spektor
    I'm sleepy I'll just give you some songs. // Us, The Calculation, Human of the Year
  15. Childish Gambino
    Is there anything Donald Glover CANT do? // My favorites are Heartbeat, Sweatpants, Sunrise, Firefly
  16. Grouplove
    So happy so lovely so indie so wonderful // Naked Kids, Let Me In, Welcome To Your Life, Shark Attack
  17. Whoops I probably should have added pictures but I have school tomorrow so here's something that satisfies me.
  18. Static