1. Genuinely caring about other people and their interests,
  2. going out of your way to help another person,
  3. offering your support to someone in need,
  4. being accepting of others even if they have a different lifestyle,
    (given that that lifestyle doesn't include harming, hating or abusing others)
  5. standing up for those that do not have a voice,
  6. standing by morals instead of materialism and economic ambition,
  7. trying to understand the struggles of mentally ill and treating them as real problems,
  8. treating all human beings as deserving of equal love, importance, dignity, and respect,
  9. being outwardly kind to people around you,
  10. recognizing the efforts and importance of friends and family that love you,
  11. seeing things from a different point of view other than your own,
  12. knowing your place in other people's lives and offering your support instead of overstepping and trying to control them,
  13. not talking about people behind their backs.
  14. All of these things make you a good person.
  15. I don't care how many times a week you go to church,
  16. whether you have the saints and bible memorized,
  17. if you don't apply those lessons into your life, and instead use religion to judge others, assert that you have a say in their lives and actions, verbally abuse them under the guise of helping them spiritually- well, I won't be the one to judge you.
  18. ( p.s. i changed my username! @boba yes, bobbelcher was an iconic username but this one is so cute and short and delicious)