an incomplete list
  1. Ingrid Nilsen
    i love her so much. her coming out video told a story that so many girls go through also. pretty much a beautiful human being who makes beautiful youtube videos
  2. Dodie
    I didn't know it was possible to be this obsessed with someone. All of her content- original songs and covers- are soo amazing and adorable and pleasing to my ears and eyes. Just one of the best youtubers out there who actually makes content to be proud of, not just clickable videos for views.
  3. Sameer Gadhia
    Watch one "In the Open" session of Young the Giant and you'll understand.
  4. Amandla Stenberg
    so so so damn accomplished and inspiring (esp for being basically the same age as me!) challenges the norm and a true art hoe if i ever seen one.
  5. Rowan Blanchard
    other than being plain adorable, she speaks out on feminist issues (and not just white feminism) and just important topics that most celebrities never say a word about.
  6. Nicholas Petricca
    pretty much everything i aspire to be musically and soul-wise and also my one true love also the lead singer of walk the moon. the band not only makes amazing music but spreads positive messages of inclusivity and support :-)
  7. Miley Cyrus
    Ok ok I know she's "problematic" but she's making a huge difference with her organization Happy Hippies for homeless poc LGBTQA+ youth and isn't only for white feminism. also she kicks ass and i love her voice AND I LOVE LIAM + Miley
  8. Mark Ruffalo
    hulk is best avenger also MARK RUFALLO WORKS DAY AND NIGHT FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE AND FIGHTING AGAINST TRUMP! he was actively for bernie sanders and protests against things that matter like no DAPL. also look at him. daddy asf
  9. ps if u read this whole thing- BLESS U and sorry for posting so many lists lately ive just had so many ideas and i want to fill up my profile!