this will be slow updates, but i will keep you all posted with any progress!
  1. Working on the Questbridge application, which is now due in less than a week. Swamped in other school work, but trying to focus on essays. Procrastinating and being distracted. Teachers have not turned in letters of recommendation yet.
  2. Received a Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Foundation for my PSAT score! Got called to the principal’s office and he handed it to me and shook my hand and we all took a picture with him with our spirit week gear on.
  3. Currently have a 1510 SAT score, don’t plan to take it again. Studied my butt off, but not enough by my own standards. It is the 99th percentile, so I’m happy about it.
  4. I should take the SAT subject tests. But I really don’t want to.
  5. Just met with my old AP Language teacher for feedback over my biographical essay. She told me I need to talk more emotionally and personally but I literally cry talking about anything personal to me.