1. Dogs by Damien Rice
    good vibes 😎, chill drumbeat and acoustic sound
  2. Cherry Wine- Live by Hozier
    I know this one has been out for a while but still
  3. Moon and Back by Alice Kristiansen
    aside from being a perfect human being this girl has the voice of an angel. u should for real listen to her covers too
  4. Family Friend by the Vaccines
    i love the slow feel of this song and the lyrics make me feel some kinda way
  5. Victory Celebration/End Title by John Williams
    i have a really strong obsession with the star wars OST but this one is my favorite by far.
  6. Naked As We Came by Steve Treseler
    a different take on the already beautiful song but with like winds and stuff. its like autumn in a song
  7. Solitude by M83
    weird but i love the synth chords and melancholy feeling also the orchestra parts make it feel like it should be the back track to a dramatic movie scene
  8. When We Were Young by The Wild Wild
    great music to get ready to or work out or something (not that i work out). fun upbeat song with cute lyrics :-)
  9. Water Under the Bridge by Adele
    an upbeat, catchy song that also makes me cry. our love aint water under the bridge, adele
  10. Drunk Off Your Love by Shwayze & Cisco
    last one, but i stronly recommend this one to anyone who want to get into a good mood. super catchy, summer-y love song that will make u want to dance/rap all of the verses