Requested by @pili_ervin
sorry this list request took so long! @pili_ervin i haven't had time to sit down and make a proper list in so long. this idea was inspired by @devvv 's list about how john mayer's msg concert was like a backyard summer jam sesh, and my own dreams of being a rockstar (that only plays other people's music)
  1. Ideally, my baritone ukulele would have all of its strings.
    The G string is broken now, for the second time. I think maybe I'm playing too intensely?
  2. Also, I would want an electric keyboard on deck and someone working the cajon. If we wanted to get crazy, an acoustic drumset. At the very least, I want a tambourine. (None of which I own)
    Our backyard is quite big, and it has a cute lil' gazebo in the back where I'd want to hang up some string lights. People could chill out on blankets on the grass, and we'd start around golden hour. There'd be snacks and drinks galore.
  3. I'd start out with a little ukulele instrumental while people get settled in.
    Or maybe a little solo cello, just to show I'm a multi-talented woman ahahHAHHAHA
  4. Open up with a cover of I Don't Know by Lisa Hannigan on the baritone ukulele.
    In my fantasy world, my friend Brian is there to play viola in the background.
  5. Get the crowd going with a little Wonderwall on the baritone.
    I love playing and singing that song on the baritone ukulele. A real jam.
  6. After that, a cover of Intertwined by Dodie. If I could get an electric keyboard I'd play it on that, but if not baritone ukulele is just as beautiful.
  7. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.
    This song is so cute on the soprano uke. But can also be beautiful and emotionally wrenching on the piano if sung right.
  8. Continuing the pop theme with "She Looks So Perfect" by 5SOS on soprano uke.
  9. Then, bring it back down but with "The Way You Look Tonight", a cover of the Rod Stewart version on either piano or soprano uke.
    It's kind of continuing something from She Looks So Perfect? (also need a bassist here and another guitarist)
  10. 6/10 by Dodie on the piano.
  11. Put Your Records On on the baritone ukulele.
    I love playing this song.
  12. The Full House theme song on baritone uke.
    I can play the little riffs, it's bomb.
  13. At this point, I'll play like three songs of the Beatles just to get them out of the way.
    Come Together, Here Comes The Sun, With A Little Help From My Friends (all on baritone)
  14. Sweet Pea by Amos Lee on the soprano uke.
    Cutest somg ever.
  15. Right as Rain by Adele on baritone ukulele.
    Maybe one of the songs I'm best at singing and playing?
  16. Baby I'm Yours by Arctic Monkeys.
    Baritone uke. Dreamy.
  17. ILYSB - LANY
    Piano or baritone uke.
  18. A little break before we start again with good old All Star by Smash Mouth.
    Baritone uke.
  19. Then, just because we can, I'm A Believer by Smash Mouth.
    Soprano uke.
  20. Silvertongue - Young the Giant.
    Definitely need some kind of percussion for this. Baritone uke.
  21. Stay With Me - Sam Smith
    Soprano uke.
  22. Would You Be So Kind - Dodie
    Baritone ukulele. A BANGER. AN ACTUAL BANGER. Would hope to have another ukulele player and some percussionists?
  23. Speak Now - Taylor Swift.
    Baritone ukulele. I know it's cool to hate Taylor Swift now, but I would want to sing so many songs of hers at my own jam session.
  24. Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift
    Don't tell me you don't think this song is beautiful
  25. Clean - Taylor Swift
    Even if you don't really like Taylor, you should listen to this song. It's absolutely stunning.
  26. Drive - Oh Wonder
    Baritone uke.
  27. I want to end on a BANGER, very hype, upbeat. Very happy. So we'll start the end with Malibu by Miley Cyrus.
    Soprano uke.
  28. Throw it back with a little Party In The U.S.A. If I had an electric guitar, I'd try and play it on that. If not, my bari uke works.
  29. Then Grace Kelly by Mika on piano.
  30. A One Direction cover, I don't know which one, but I have several in mind that would be good for the end on baritone uke or piano.
    Perfect, No Control, Why Don't We Go There,
  31. Perhaps an encore of Wonderwall, just to get everyone singing along.
  32. If I can manage it, You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate. I haven't learned this one yet but I believe in myself. If it had percussion... and maybe a live orchestra behind me...
  33. December, 1963 (Oh What A Night). Definitely want a drumset for this. Either ukulele or piano would be good, but I haven't learned the piano part for this yet. I know the ukulele chords, though. It'd be a hit for sure.
  34. I Want It That Way
    Need to break out the bongos for this shit. Baritone uke. Lighters in the air. Anybody got a xylophone?
  35. Dancing Queen
    The finale. Baritone uke. In my fantasy world, Brian is there on piano. My older brother is on drumset or cajon. The whole backyard is singing. There's a church choir behind me.