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My Junior Prom Story

Thank you so much for this list request @pili_ervin 💛!!! Also I just realized while writing this but creating this has basically been a giant diary. So thank you.
  1. WARNING: 🕳
    This is gonna be a long one, pals. I want to give you the full high school prom experience through this list, so I'm sparing no details. If you find yourself extremely bored reading through this, I'M SORRY. But I didn't want you to miss the feeling of melodrama and school dances. 🔮🌦⚡️🥞🏈
  2. 🕳
    I'm splitting it into "parts" because I might not finish in one day and this is a SAGA. Jk, but just read this while you're pooping or something. There's really nothing that wild in here. It's probably G rated. Take a break between parts for more consumable stories.
  3. ALSO:
    I've changed the names of all of my friends to the names of the characters from Friends, for the sake of their privacy. And also because it is extremely entertaining to me.
  4. Part 1: The Idea💡
  5. It started when me, Chandler, and Joey were hanging out in my backyard. Chandler wanted us to all go to prom as a friend group because he might be moving before senior year.
    Therefore, we had to get the ✨prom✨ experience together while we could. He suggested me and Joey go together, and our other friends Ross and Rachel go together. He already had plans to ✨promposal✨ his best friend from another school.
  6. I was enthusiastic about this, and Joey seemed to be.
  7. But a few days later, we found out Rachel and Ross did NOT want to go. Then, Joey told me he didn't want to go either.
    Rachel is pretty much my only girl friend, so if she wasn't going I didn't really see myself having that much fun.
  8. I tried for several weeks to try and convince them, but it was clear they didn't want to so I decided to just not go.
    Besides, prom was scheduled two days before my birthday and I wanted to have a pool party in my backyard. Ross, Rachel, Joey and a couple of other friends really wanted to do this.
  9. Chandler was very upset by this. He even pulled the "It's fine, I just don't even really want to go anymore." But he already had planned to go, and went out of his way to plan an elaborate ✨promposal✨ for his friend.
    So he couldn't back out.
  10. I felt bad, until our other friend Mike said he wanted to go, but he didn't have any dates.
    I would have gone with him, but I didn't know him that well.
  11. A couple of days later, he sat down and told us he had THREE options but couldn't decide which girl to ask.
    Wtf happened to "I don't know any girls"?
  12. One of them was a girl who we all knew, secretary of the club that Mike was president of, and went to our school. Phoebe.
    Mike was afraid of it being awkward since they didn't like each other, he just wanted to take a date.
  13. The other was irrelevant, but the THIRD was a "hot senior Italian girl" who had told her sister that Mike was cute. Their families were friends, and the sister told Mike that she had not gotten to go to her prom.
  14. So, Mike went to go ask this girl to prom. He texted everyone about his outfit, worrying about what the "hot senior Italian girl" and her dad would think.
  15. After asking her if she wanted to go to prom with him, it became apparent somehow that: Hot Senior Italian Girl Who Thinks Mike Is Cute thought that Mike was a junior in COLLEGE. And she was actually a senior IN COLLEGE.
    Obviously, they both knew she would not be going to prom with him.
  16. After all of this, she texted him asking what his name was.
  17. Anyways, he asked Phoebe very lowkey and she said she had to think about it because it was so last minute and she needed a dress.
    She ended up saying yes.
  18. MEANWHILE, Joey is telling Chandler that he is going to prom with him, but really he's planning to dip out at the last minute.
  19. I strongly disagreed with him, and tried to make him give Chandler a straight answer.
  20. Then one day in math, me, Chandler, and Rachel were in class doing anything but calculus. They started gossiping, but very cryptically because they didn't want me to know about it.
  21. Which INFURIATES me because why should I not know? I try to get it out of them, but then I realize they're talking about Joey, so I go directly to the source for answers.
  22. After questioning Joey a little bit, he tells me he has had a GIANT crush on Rachel. He wanted to ask her to prom.
    I was a little bit offended that he wouldn't even go with me as friends, but I had to push it aside because of this NEW PIECE OF INFORMATION.
  23. Now everyone in our friend group knew about Joey's crush on Rachel, and Chandler told them "not to be awkward", which only made things infinitely more awkward.
  24. He ended up going because he bought a suit and he had to write Chandler's date's friend's name on his ticket or else she couldn't go because she was a sophomore.
  25. PART 2: The Promposal 🌹
    Aka: I'm a vain dumbass.
  26. During this entire stretch of time, I had caught TERRIBLE feelings for another guy in our grade. We texted and would facetime pretty often. Let's call him Richard.
  27. I was pretty sure that he liked me, but I didn't know for sure.
  28. Anyhow, he started talking about prom and how he wanted to go but he needed a date.
    I didn't really understand why he needed a date, but we kept on talking about promposals and prom.
  29. It REALLY seemed like he was going to ask me. I didn't want to be vain. Let me know if I'm being delusional but:
    He asked me "What's your perfect promposal?" And then he goes "Mmhmm." LIKE HES GOING TO REMEMBER IT. "Are you going to prom?" "I really want to go to prom but I don't know who to ask..."
  30. I tell him to ask Janice, his friend and probably one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen on this planet.
    He says he doesn't want to ask her. Still confused at this point.
  31. Earlier, I had I told Chandler that I won't go unless I get a promposal. I know this probably pissed him off, but I really didn't want to go and I knew nobody was going to go to such lengths.
    Also, I very highly doubted that my mom was going to let me even go to prom. But if I had a promposal, then she would be more compelled to let me go because some boy went out of his way to ask me.
  32. He said this was "high maintenence", needy, etc.
  33. But about two weeks from prom, I get a text from Chandler.
    I lost the screenshot, but it basically said "yo lily you said you would go to prom if you got a promposal, right?"
  34. I said yes and was VERY suspicious. I tried to grill him by asking questions, and telling him I NEEDED to know if someome was planning to ask me because I needed to know if I needed a dress.
    He called me nosy but told me yes, someone was going to ask me.
  35. Then right after, he tells me that the president of STEM club, Jack, cancelled the meeting on Thursday
    rude asf
  36. Chandler told me that they had approached HIM about asking me.
    Which weirded me out because what is he, my pimp?
  37. This was before Mike had asked Phoebe, so I have Mike as a suspect. And also Richard. Those are the only two who I could really think of.
  38. I tried to get it out of Chandler for several days. He had told all of my friends but me.
  39. I saw him tell Mike who it was, and Mike reacted very genuinely, so I ruled him out.
  40. At this point, I'm almost certain that it is Richard.
  41. On Wednesday at lunch, I walk into a club meeting and sit down. I see Richard rush in with a bunch of roses, dressed very nicely.
  42. I jump up and ask him who those are for, and what he's doing.
    He tells me to go away. I'm very nosy and pushy, but I go away.
  43. I go to get lunch. I am giddy with excitement. I mentally prepare my shocked face.
  44. I re-enter the room and I see Richard with a giant sign ASKING JANICE TO PROM.
  45. like, GOD, beautiful Janice. Whatever happened to "I dont want to ask her!"
  46. The promposal was a doctor who reference. A show Richard had told me to watch but I refused. But it was very cute.
  47. But I was WRECKED. It was like a giant blow to my chest. I tried to make my face look like I was happy but I was so upset so my face just contorted weirdly into a half smile half frown.
  48. I sat back down and Richard came over to talk to his friends. So I asked him, "Why didn't you tell me about this?"
    I feel like promposals are something you tell your friends about. This was a very juicy piece of info that he did NOT let me in on.
  49. He said, "We don't talk anymore."
  51. Further wrecked, I text my other friends to see where they are. They tell me they are in another club, so I exit writing club and go there.
  52. I can't vent to my friends about this because they don't know that I like Richard, and I would never tell them because gossip spreads like wildfire around here.
  53. I'm pretty much as heartbroken as a 16 year old can be, but I continue on with life.
  54. The next day, I go to school still sad but consoled with the fact that our spanish class was taking a field trip to a restaurant, and I would get to eat a burrito with curly fries inside of it.
  55. At lunch, I met up with Chandler and Ross and they went with me to microwave my burrito.
    Since there was no STEM meeting, we went to our usual table to eat.
  56. After a few minutes, Chandler says to me "Jack says he wants us to come up for a meeting about officer nominations."
  57. This makes sense to me, since we were all running to be officers of the club, so we all went upstairs into room 560.
  58. When we walked in, all of the other members of the club were there too. Which threw me off because I had been told there was no meeting except for future officers.
    I walked in with a big "Hello!" and everyone turned to look at me.
  59. Joey was already there, at the front of the room with Jack. I sat down to eat my burrito.
  60. Jack started the meeting by saying "First of all, could I please get Lily to come up here?"
  61. I was VERY confused, because I thought he was going to make me give a speech on why I want to be the club's president. I went through the speech in my mind.
  62. I'm standing there very nervously, thinking I'm about to public speak. Jack pulls back the sliding white board to reveal the white board behind it, pulls out a bouquet of roses from out of nowhere, and Joey rolls his chair out of the way.
  63. Jack asks, "Lily, will you go to prom with me?"
  64. Of course I tell him yes and give him a hug, and now it makes sense why he "cancelled" and then recalled this meeting and why everyone else is here.
  65. At this point in time, it's weird because Jack and I had not been texting or hanging out like we used to for months now. And now I guess we were going to prom together, so we had to rekindle this friendship.
  66. He told me I had to pay for my own ticket, which is kind of a bummer but I didn't mind that much.
    Romantic, I know
  67. It turns out that Chandler and Jack had been planning this.
    I suspected that Chandler just needed Jack to go because Jack was the only one who could drive and had a car.
  68. So, I head to history class, roses and burrito in hand. Everyday I sit next to Ben in the back of the class, and so we've kind of become good pals. I scream his name when I walk in because I've had a large soda and I've got way too much adrenaline and caffeine in my bloodstream.
  69. I see Janice and another girl look at me in a way where they're trying to make it seem like they're not really looking AT me. They start talking but I'm too far to hear but I hear Janice say the words "Yeah, Richard like her"
    Janice has a very heavy accent so I dont know if she meant liked her or likes her. It definitely feels like I heard this, but sometimes I think maybe I just imagined it.
  70. My heart is beating way too fast because I feel like everyone is looking at me (and because of the giant soda) and I tell this to Ben, who doesn't care because he wants to know where the roses came from.
  71. I tell him the story and we watch a video about history and the entire time my heart is about to burst out of my chest.
    Ben wasn't going to prom, he said he didn't like school dances and he had nobody to go with. I tried to tell him to go with us but he didn't want to.
  72. When class ends I ask Ben to walk with me to the library to get the prom forms and stuff, where we bump into Richard, also getting the forms.
  73. He sees the roses and asks, "Did you get asked to prom?"
  74. I said, "No, I just bought these roses for myself." in a very obviously sarcastic tone.
    Now, I didn't mean for this to come off as rude or anything, but after what he had said yesterday that WE DONT TALK ANYMORE made me feel kind of like Why Do You Even Care?
  75. I would have stopped to talk to him, but Ben was with me and I didn't want to make him wait up.
  76. I started to walk away but then I remembered he still hadn't returned my steel water bottle that he had "lost".
    I left my water bottle the day of an exam and left school early, and he was still at school so I asked him to get it. He kept telling me he would bring it but never did so I said "Can you bring it? TOMORROW?"
  77. He said he would, and then Ben and I split off from him and went home.
  78. My aunt picked me up from school. Saw the roses. I told her what happened.
  79. First she thought it was cute. Then I told her I had to buy my own ticket. Then she thought it was horrendous.
    "Wow, this guy has NO class!" "Someone has to stand up for how men treat women!"
  80. She yelled at me, or rather strongly urged me, about fifteen times NOT to go with him.
    Personally, I was okay with paying my own ticket. If we were just going as friends, that seems more than reasonable to me. But I knew I couldn't go if I did.
  81. So I texted Jack. I FELT EXTREMELY BAD FOR THIS. I asked if there was any way he could pay for part of my ticket. Like an actual sweetheart, he said he would pay for EVERYTHING.
  82. I told her about this, and then my mom and they both okay'd it.
    Also, my sister was staying in town and she wanted to meet him. Then everyone jumped on this idea and my aunt said she NEEDED to meet him. So kill me.
  83. FAST FORWARD TO NEXT WEEK we are in english class. Richard, me, and two other girls are in a group working on a presentation. Our teacher gives us the whole class period to work on it.
  84. I'm having a TERRIBLE day due to some family drama from my aunt. I'm pretty much on the verge of tears.
  85. Richard comes over to me and the other partners with my water bottle and says "You can have this back when you tell me why you're mad at me."
  86. We proceed to have a VERY long argument because he said WE DONT TALK ANYMORE and he says he was busy and just "didn't have as much time for me anymore"
    but he still had time to draw an entire sign and ask a girl to prom and buy a bunch of roses? ok. its fine. also we did absolutely no work on our project in this entire class period because we were too busy arguing.
  87. He claims he "cares about my feelings" and tries to talk to me about my family drama and then tries to tell me that I need to make it clear to Jack that we were just going as friends. I told him it was already clear.
  88. When the bell rings and school is over I tell him I have to ask him something. I wanted to ask him if he liked me, because I just didn't know if I could keep being friends with him without knowing.
    My mouth became dry because it became apparent to me in these few minutes how stupid it would be. I avoided it for a few minutes after we had gone outside by talking about other things.
  89. He finally just grabbed my shoulders and told me to just say it. I asked him, "Do you like me? Or did you ever like me?"
  90. He says "I don't know." and walks away very briskley.
    The whole time he's smiling very smugly. I shout after him a couple of times but give up.
  91. Afterwards, I have a confrontation with my family dealing with the drama and go home to my bed to uncontrollably sob.
    TO BE CLEAR, I was not crying over Richard. I could never.
  92. He texts me just a few minutes later saying "We should play a game."
    I tell him I can't (because I'm crying but I don't actually tell him that) so I just say he has to give me an answer first.
  93. He sticks with "I don't know" and says "Sometimes if God means for two people to be in each others lives and be together, it will happen."
    Honestly I'd never been more tired of bullshit in my life.
  94. Instead of continuing to read these terrible texts I decided to keep crying as a more enjoyable activity.
  95. I text Joey about all of this, because he had been asking why I was so upset throughout the day. And I just had to tell someone in our friend group about Richard or else I was going to die.
    He had no consoling words, but at least I had someone to talk to about it. Plus, we were both in unrequited infatuation. Rachel was still very unattracted to him.
  96. So, I started to write PART 3 but about two bullets in the app told me I had the maximum amount of items for one list. So I have to start a new one, I guess 😅