1. Lindsay Weir
    Sure, it may have looked like everything was going to be great after she fooled her parents into thinking she was going to that summit, and then CLIMBING INTO TWO RANDOS VAN? But one day into that summit when they take roll and don't see her, does she think they won't call her parents? My god, Lindsay.
  2. Anyway, Lindsay gets scouted by some prestigious university because she is an actual GENIUS, wins a mathlete scholarship, and goes on to be succesful. Not, however, before worrying about leaving her friends and NICK behind and thinking- maybe college isn't for her at all.
  3. Sam Weir
    He spends the majority of season one pining over Cindy Sanders and scheming on how to get her to like him, only to hate who she actually is! Now that is what I call a classic case of Building-Someone-Up-In-My-Mind-Only-To-Find-Out-I-Hate-Who-You-Actually-Are. He should have been going after Maureen, imo. She was the one who actually wanted to do stuff that the geeks wanted to do!
  4. Sam will outgrow all of his bullies in high school, and due to his interest in AV and all things geeky, will go into a lucrative career in computer science (or something like that). He will probably be the boss of the kids who used to bully him. He will stay friends with Bill and Neal.
  5. Neal Schweiber
    GOD this kid was a PERVERT! Like. DAMN.
  6. I like to think that him and Lindsay will one day get married. I mean, she was into his older brother. Who knows! Plus, it would be hilarious and adorable.
  7. Anyhow, Neal follows his father in the dentistry business and goes on to make the same corny jokes he does. Him, Bill, and Sam still get together as grown men to do dorky things like build rockets, play dungeons and dragons, or maybe fix cars.
    I don't know, what do dorky grown men do?
  8. Bill Haverchuck
    AN ACTUAL LEGEND "Did I ever tell you about the time I made out with Vicki Appleby?"
  9. Bill grows up to be the new Mathletes team coach, which actually becomes the Academic Decathlon, and is actually this guy
    AKA Mr. Harrington from the new Spiderman movie.
  10. But like actually Bill will grow up to be a stud, marry an instagram model, invent something like a commercial rocket or a flying car, and live in a BH mansion.
  11. Nick Andopolis
    Do I think Nick's drum career will launch? Perhaps. He's got the passion for sure, and with proper lessons- I can see this going somewhere.
  12. Nick will continue to better his drumming skills, despite his father's opposition. After graduation, he will go to community college while keeping up with his drums. Eventually, I see him finding his own people in college that are as serious about rock music as he is. His new music will be a hybrid of rock with disco elements.
    His new music will be ICONIC ✨✨✨✨