My Year In Pixels

Decided to start this cause the idea of looking back and seeing how your overall months/year went is so exciting... I can't remember if I've seen anyone on list doing this but I saw it on instagram and probably on here to
  1. The ink smudged so much because LEFT HANDEDISM but it doesn't look too bad
  2. Will update as I progress. Making this list as a reminded to REMEMBER
  3. Also thinking of putting quotes/lyrics in the next page for decoration... thoughts?⬇️
  4. February update
    "Cause life has been insane but today has been ok."
  5. so I deleted list app for a really long time in order to focus on school but im back i guess!
  6. aaaaaand i filled in all the january ones cause i was getting annoyed at the empty boxes
  7. mixed reviews: may
  8. oh yes hello i moved my year in pixels to my brand spanking new muji planner and YES I AM VERY PLEASED WITH IT!
  9. yes, i have a fidget spinner, and yes, my life is going very well
  10. july