I used to write my outfit in my planner every single day, which would help me not to repeat outfits. I highly recommend muting this list LOL.
  1. 8/22 First Day of School
    White h&m t shirt, light blue jean shorts, and birkenstocks. Straightened hair
  2. 8/23 My Schedule is Fixed
    Blue h&m dress, birkenstocks. Natural hair
  3. 8/24 First Day of Zero Period
    Orange rainjacket, dark blue jean shorts, white lacy long sleeve top that I used to wear to orchestra concerts, black converse. Natrual hair
  4. 8/25 First Friday of The Year
    Black f21 crop top, overall dress, birkenstocks. Natural hair
  5. 8/26 Company Picnic
    White and grey striped dress, birkenstocks. Curled hair. Tan dad hat from the zoo.
  6. 8/27 UCSD
    Striped crop top, overall dress, kanken. Birkenstocks. Bun because it was hot but ponytail later in the day.
  7. 8/28 Spirit Week; What Not To Wear
    Striped crop top from yesterday, pink athletic shorts, birkenstocks and knee high starry night socks. Red PINK jacket but just in the morning because it was H O T. Natural hair
  8. 8/29 Spirit Week; Meme Day
    Space buns, yellow short sleeved sweaters, jeans, black converse. Died.
  9. 8/30 Spirit Week; Class Colors
    Black halter (?) top, daisy-patterned shorts, black converse. Natural hair.
  10. 8/31 Bad day but I passed my permit test!
    Red t shirt, black drawstring shorts, black converse. Bun/hair down. Sweat. Tears.
  11. 9/1 Spirit Week: Didn't Dress Up But It Was A Pleasantly Weird Day
    Light blue h&m t shirt, dark blue jean shorts, grey and light blue Nikes. Pigtails half the day, natural hair down the other half.
  12. 9/2 Off to Camp!
    Duke t-shirt, light blue f21 jorts (jean shorts), black convers, white Adidas jacket which is now lost
  13. 9/3 Orchestra Camp; Where's My Adidas Jacket?
    Light pink t shirt, green drawstring shorts and black converse. Changed into light blue cropped jeans after rehearsal. Wore my roommates jacket for the second half of the day. Pigtails
  14. 9/5 FML
    Black and white striped cropped t-shirt, AE distressed jeans, black slipons. Orange rainjacket. Natural hair.
  15. 9/6 Suicide Prevention Week
    Green drawstring shorts, The Kiss socks, black slipons, pink Ann Taylor shirt. Ponytail
  16. 9/7 So Much To Do, So Much To Procrastinate
    Blue Duke t-shirt, medium blue jean shorts F21, black slip-ons. Pigtails. Green jacket.
  17. 9/8 The Day There Was A Walkout And I Didn't Go But I Wanted To Because I Had Cramps And Three Tests
    Light blue and white striped off-the-shoulder Joe's top, funky blue and pink shorts, Birkenstocks with the dark brown straps, slept-in-braids hair.
  18. 9/9 The Day We Snuck Into An R-Rated Movie Even Though We Were All Old Enough
    Rehearsal: Grey shirt with white lace bottom trim, ripped AE jeans. // Movie: Green drawstring shorts, white Ann Taylor tank top, grey zip up jacket. Black slip-ons. Natural hair.
  19. 9/11 The Day I Decided To Stop Illegally Downloading Music
    Light blue h&m t shirt, white lacy/floral shorts, second day curled hair (in a ponytail except for this selfie), birkenstocks.
  20. 9/12 The Day My Bullshit All Caught Up To Me
    Light pink BR t shirt, ripped AE jeans, birkenstocks. Pigtails.
  21. 9/13 The Day I Couldn't Find My Ruler
    Thrifted religious blue t-shirt, medium blue F21 jean shorts, black slip-ons, green jacket (not pictured) Braids.
  22. 9/14 The Day I Benchpressed 50 Pounds
    Carnegie Hall black t-shirt, cropped blue jeans with the white paint splatters on them, black converse. Natural hair.
  23. 9/15 The Day I Was Ignored
    Green hoodie, black leggings, Birkenstocks. Natural hair. Sadness.
  24. 9/18 The Day They Wouldn't Let Us Leave Second Period
    Bright pink off the shoulder blouse from the LOFT (will need to be pictured someday), cropped frayed end jeans from the LOFT, short black suede boots with a little heel, natural hair. Black Julian jacket.
  25. 9/19 The Week I Was Stressed; The Day I Got These Cute Stickers
    Grey sweater, overall dress, black converse. Natural hair. Self-loathing.
  26. 9/20 The Day I Got Called To The Principal's Office
    Disney Day/Tacky Tourist Day: Green "this is not a pipe" shirt that I impulsively cut into a crop top, jean shorts, Julian jacket, pink toe socks and Birkenstocks. Stole Gil's Perry the Platypus hat. Pigtails.
  27. 9/21 The Day I Started Crying For No Reason
    Full length black denim overalls, black and white striped short sleeved crop top, green jacket, natural hair. Ponytail most of the day. Fake yeezys.
  28. 9/22 The Day That I Went To A Football Game; The Night That Hurt
    School day: Pink CK button up shirt, frayed cropped Loft jeans, black slip-ons, Christina’s black adidas hoodie. Ponytail half the day. Rest of day: White H&M t shirt, dark blue shorts (pictured), leis, birkenstocks, Christina’s black adidas hoodie. Internal suffering.
  29. 9/25 The Day I Did Front Squats And It Was Terrible
    Black Carnegie hall t-shirt, green drawstring shorts, black slip-ons. Natural hair. Confidence.
  30. 9/26 The Day I Learned Li.st Is Dead
    Dress (pictured), Pigtails, Birkenstocks. Green jacket.
  31. 9/27 The Day I Caught Him Looking At Me
    Light pink t-shirt, white flowery/lacy shorts, birkenstocks. Natural hair.
  32. 9/28 The Day I Gave Everyone Salmonella
    Black and white striped crop top, LOFT cropped frayed ends jeans, birkenstocks. Dead hair.