songs that make me feel things

  1. Pas Des Deux- Dodie Clark
    "Are you walking on eggshells? And when push comes to shove... are you full of beloninging, but not full of love?"
  2. Oceans- Coldplay
  3. 17- Youth Lagoon
  4. All Too Well- Taylor Swift
    "I'd like to be my old self again, but I'm still trying to find it."
  5. Already Gone- Sleeping At Last
  6. Closing Time- Semisonic
    I don't know.
  7. I Try- Macy Gray
    "Though I try to hide it, it's clear- my world crumbles when you are not near."
  8. Naked As We Came- Iron & Wine
    The guitar part makes me think of home and the old guitar sitting in my brother's room and my best friend.
  9. Catch Me- Demi Lovato
    Reminds me of being in seventh grade and in puppy love
  10. Pittsburgh- Williams Fitzsimmons
  11. 6/10 - Dodie Clark
    "I know that you don't want me here."
  12. Grey Room- Damien Rice
    Just makes me think of Room by Emma Donahue and GOD.