got to do lots of work today so im making a quick list... will add gifs later!
  1. South Carolina
    Born here. Lived here for 16 years. Been back twice since I moved away.
  2. Georgia
    Went to Atlanta for food and shopping many times over the years.
  3. Florida
    I think I went on a cruise one time. I have pictures of little me in Disney World, but I don't remember the trip.
  4. Nebraska
    My dad's side of the family all live up there. We've visited for Thanksgiving and then again two years for Christmas, which was so magical to have all the family from all around (Vietnam, Texas, SC) in one place. Also, the snow. <3
  5. Missouri
    Went to KC for one day to look at apartments for the brother.
  6. Texas
    Been to the Dallas airport many times for connections but stayed one night with my aunt at her house.
  7. California
    First visited during the summers to see my aunt, but a little over a year ago we have moved her and currently live in the San Diego area.
  8. Washington
    Visited Seattle to see my mom's cousins and aunt. Was pretty cool, went downtown and saw Pike's Place market. And the gum wall....
  9. Colorado
    My oldest cousin's wedding in Denver. I don't remember much but I think I liked it. I was the flower girl.
  10. New York
    Played in Carnegie Hall with my orchestra and also went on a dinner cruise to see the statue of liberty, saw Julliard, and saw Aladdin on Broadway.
  11. North Carolina
    Went to go visit my sister in Charlotte, where she works. Downtown was cool and there was some good food. The best thing there is definitely my sister.
  12. Nevada
    Las Vegas.
  13. Arizona
    Grand canyon.
  14. I technically have been "in" other states from driving through or airports, but I'm only counting the ones that I've REALLY been to.