to be updated.
  1. sorry not sorry- demi lovato
    so fucking good. demi is everything to me right now
  2. praying- kesha
  3. painting roses- dresses
  4. show me love- hundred waters (ft chance the rapper)
  5. homemade dynamite- lorde
  6. phone down- lost kings, emily warren
  7. woman- kesha
    a damn anthem.
  8. issues- julia michaels
    overplayed on the radio yes but i CANT GET THIS OUT OF MY HEAD. also she performs this live sooo well
  9. ray charles- chiddy bang
  10. feels- calvin harris
  11. supercut- lorde
  12. make out- julia nunes
  13. theres nothing holdin' me back- shawn mendes
  14. swim- fickle friends
  15. bad liar- selena gomez
  16. the louvre- lorde
  17. stay together- noah cyrus
    corny but i love
  18. daft pretty boys- bad suns
  19. feel it still- portugal. the man