1. Self esteem: all-time low.
  2. Happiness: all- time high.
  3. Temperatures: unbearable
  4. Family tolerance: awkward but bearable until my little cousin starts banging on the table.
  5. I am unsettled by the lack of routine in my life right now.
  6. I feel like an inconvenience.
  7. I think my heart is being played with.
  8. I feel overwhelmed yet underwhelmed.
  9. I am scatterbrained.
  10. I am 100% back on my bullshit.
  11. I'm getting by.
  12. "Cool yourself down, I think I'm getting stuck. I think I'm getting hooked on you."
    "So what are we thinking? And what are we here to prove? Let's stop being public; I guess we should get a room." // Glue - Fickle Friends