also i live near san diego so some of these probably only apply to this area idk its a big state
  1. when is fall?????
    ok its the first day of october and its still 80 degrees out the fuck???
  2. super hot in the day super cold at night
    this entire summer i wore summer clothing to go out in the day and then when we were going home was freezing half to death!!! so thanks
  3. Everyone Wears Vans
    idk if its just me but there seem to be way more people wearing vans than in south carolina like over half the people at school are wearing vans
  4. more brown people
    as a brown person im pretty thankful i mean the south is just full of rich white kids who give no shits about being racist. also other asian people have befriended me and accepted me into Asian Kid gang so thats cool
  5. in n out
    dont hate me for this but i dont really understand why people are so obsessed with this place??? ive eaten in n out like fifteen times since coming here because its like my aunts go to fast food. i mean they are good burgers but lets be real...
  6. Not that many people swim at the beach
    Whenever I go to the beach I only see like a few people in the ocean?? i guess cause its cold lol but its strange to see after living in SC where the beach is filled with people on the sand and in the ocean
  7. ps im sorry about the grammar and lack of capitlization of this list but i couldnt be bothered