welcome to my room

in pictures i took on my dads old dslr! ps. #nofilter. to be updated
  1. my desk + tapestry that my sister brought me from europe
    i like my desk in an organized mess. it may look like chaos to you but I KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING IS
  2. a closer look at some of the items on my desk
    a roaring waters bubble tea bottle gifted to me from my good friend christina, was onced filled with lychee and guava candies but as you can see is now empty.
  3. a small turtle with a little bit of a story and absolutely no sentimental value
  4. calpico mango drink + the great gatsby +giant stack of books and papers + extra canon zoom lens
    this is an old photo.
  5. iphone + polaroid
    i dont even own a polaroid camera but i love polaroids
  6. my favorite washi tape + a wooden pen my sister brought me from Europe
  7. tape dispenser. beautiful
  8. now playing: new girl
    jess day is ME
  9. a collage of photos i ordered from shutterfly in june 2016
  10. tinny sounding concert ukulele
  11. collage im working on
  12. still working on it
    the washi tape wont stay.
  13. and now: an inside look at my closet which lies behind this door
    polaroids are from a date auction event, stuffed dog is from a valentine gram, small blue circle says "You look good today. Keep looking good!"
  14. shoes.
    fake yeezys, black hightop converse, suede booties that i ruined by walking in mud carrying a cello, uggs, BANGS, prom heels, ETC.
  15. box that my baritone ukulele came in
  16. clothes somewhat organized by color
  17. and now: random things lying on my bed
    MUJI planner
  18. iphone
  19. ukuleles
  20. my first ukulele!
  21. room at night.
  22. to be updated....
    ps i miss drafts bring them back pls?