1. The chances of me becoming valedictorian are pretty slim.
  2. This is because 1. there are many kids in our class way smarter than me, higher gpas, more motivated,
  3. and 2. to choose the valedictorian they allow everyone with a certain minimum gpa to write a speech and submit it.
    They will then choose the best ones and have those in the final round present their speeches to a committee. And I'm TERRIBLE at public speaking. I sweat, I clam up.
  4. But I would just love to go up there and pour my heart out. So I figure I might as well try.
    Here's a few ideas of what I want to say. Typing them up made me realize they might be a bit generic. So if you have any hot takes I could use for a potential speech, HML.
  6. your test scores and grades don't define you. test scores and grades can't measure kindness, empathy, creativity, and passion. you don't have to let your gpa define your story
  7. when i came to this school last year i knew absolutely nobody. before i knew it, i felt welcomed here and like i was surrounded by friends, not strangers
  8. this school made me feel like i am part of a community, whether it be cheering my ass off at a football game, volunteering with friends after school, or taking some of the hardest classes on campus
  9. with all of the academic rigor at this school, trying to balance it with other passions, family, and friends- i never felt like i had to go through anything alone.
    there is comfort in knowing we were all struggling trying to balance a million things while also taking difficult classes and preparing for the future. it feels like a big group hug walking into a classroom the day of a test and all knowing you might fail, which is something i'll miss about high school.
  10. grit is one of the first things i was taught at this school and it's something that's stuck with me. grit is what separates the people who DO stuff in life and those who let stuff happen to them
  11. something about how we will all go on to be active members in our democracy, savvy entrepreneurs, CEO's, innovators, etc.
  12. how important it is to see things from different point of views, talk to people from different walks of life. you have no idea how vastly different people's lives are from you
  13. there has never been a student ive met at this school that hasn't impressed me. from being a student spokesperson on equity, to working jobs on top of AP classes and sports, to being community leaders in our school, and having such bright passion about the things they love ETC. ETC.
  14. probably a quote by Leslie Knope.
  15. this world is so much bigger than high school. it's so much bigger than who you went to prom with, what you wore to homecoming, your little friend group, who you ate lunch with, what grade you got in math class, if you passed your AP test or not, if your teachers liked you or not- even though it felt like your world revolved around these things...
    there is so much more to this world and life than high school. but that doesn't mean they weren't important in the moment. we can freeze those memories like a bug in amber and hold on to them because when you have much bigger problems than what color dress to wear to hoco, you're going to miss them.