1. L
    Mom says "you're supposed to dress up for the first day of school" as I'm getting out of the car.
  2. W
    Saw Jose and said hi and felt remarkably less alone in stark contrast to last year when I literally knew not a single person there
  3. L
    They messed up my schedule and gave me Dance class.
  4. W
    Found three of my friends and once again felt less alone in this world.
  5. L
    Looked at my schedule again and realized they gave me AP Language, a class I TOOK LAST YEAR AND PASSED
  6. ?
    Saw my AP Lang teacher again and she was nice about it. There was some form I was supposed to get from her but she didn't have it.
  7. L
    Got in a lab group with a guy that I hate.
  8. L
    My first period teacher is super energetic and was talking/yelling all up in my face about biology and faith. I sit right in front.
  9. W
    Sat next to a nice person in Stats, aaaaaallllll the way in the back.
  10. L
    My crush who I stopped talking to because I didn't want to make a fool out of myself anymore was in one of my classes. We did not interact or even look at each other.
  11. W
    I thought my outfit looked cute.
  12. L
    My friends didn't get a table for us at lunch.
  13. L
    Went to the office to get a form, they told me my teacher would have it. I knew she didn't but I didn't feel like arguing.
  14. W
    Crush made the first move and said Hi for the first time since practically not speaking or seeing each other for the entire summer.
  15. L
    Spit cookie crumb ALL over him. A spray. A SPRAY.
  16. L
    My old pal who I used to sit next to in history because we both had no friends now has a friend but I still have no friends to sit with in gov class.
  17. L
    My other pal ditched me to sit with her better friends and then the guy I hate from bio sat next to me.
  18. L
    Had to sit through AP Lang class.
  19. L
    Had to go to dance, had no idea where to go.
  20. W
    Found out I was in fact in the right place. A girl complimented my backpack then I became friends with her and her other friend. She was previously in a mental hospital for depression. I didn't know how to react when she told me. She's still in that young, lovely, energetic and *random and quirky xD* phase of underclassmen.
  21. W
    Our school news and broadcasting show was funny. Xander was in it.
  22. W
    Said hey to Joe. What a great guy.
  23. L
    Didn't get to see my friends after school because we all get off at different times, then I had to go to the counseler's office and wait in line to see my counseler.
  24. W
    Fixed my schedule. It took a while because it was complicated due to classes not being available during certain periods. But once it was done, it was so satisfying.
  25. Big L
    I still don't know how I'm getting home everyday.
  26. W
    Got emailed back about speaking in front of AP Chemistry class. Nobody else wanted to do it.
  27. W
    Ate a lot of sushi for my little cousin's birthday.
  28. Big W
    Got put into a class where three of my friends are that I didn't have classes with before. (But my crush who I'm trying to get over is also in there so slight L)
  29. W
    Figured out my planner situation.
  30. W
    Got through several chapters of Driver's Ed.
  31. W
    Dreaming of senior trips with my best friends in the groupchat...
  32. W
    Another girl complimented my bookbag.
  33. W
    Finished my gov reading.
  34. L
    Haven't started my stats reading.
  35. W
    Joe asked me to be VP of Creative Writing Club.
  36. W
    Wrote this list.
  37. W
    Found out we're going whale whatching in BIO.