Words My Friends Would Use To Describe Me

so i texted my friends asking them. here are their responses
  1. Kate
    all true. the sincerity and preciseness youd expect from ur gal pal bff 😩😌👌🏽
  2. Brian
    alternate responses from Brian not pictured: Coconuts, #blake, OH MY GOD OH MY GOODD
  3. Sophea
  4. Sophea pt 2
    these are the words my best friend would use to describe me. #swag. hmm. 🤔 #deep
  5. Harrison
    i find harrison to be using the 😇 emoji quite often when really hes more like 😈. also a good lily?? as opposed to a bad lily??
  6. Kristen
  7. Kristen for real
    sweet AND real. like homemade jam
  8. Francis
    response to be added
  9. Lyn
    dang i sound delicious