These are just some of the things that happened to me or I was part of. Some life changing, some just enlightened me.
  1. Became a refugees
    At the age of 12, traveled with my parents and younger brother over the border in a 4x4 with two suitcases containing our entire life. Eventful week I will never forget. From leaving my extended family to feeling lost in a new country.
  2. Eureka in geography class
    It was hard being a refugee in a foreign country, let alone learning to speak its language. Though on day in geography class, as if by magic, I suddenly understood everything, even sarcasm. I even managed to make fun of a class mate.
  3. Making life long friends
    I met 4 people whom I cannot emphasis enough their affect on my personality. We spend all our free times together. We learned about girls, through heartaches and disappointments. We learned about life and work through hardships and being poor. Glad to say they are still a massive part of my life.
  4. My first computer
    A Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K. This little rubber keyboard computer taught me to program, to draw and to be part of a new growing community of likeminded people. It's because of this I am where I am today. Also a major shoutout to my 2nd most important computer, The Commodore Amiga.
  5. More to come....