My Top 5 TV chat shows

List of new shows I watch,, but all time favourite is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  1. The Graham Norton Show
    Mostly because we're all adults and they allow cussing for fucks sake American chat shows. He is also very funny and has great banter with the guests.
  2. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
    He is one of the greatest hosts. And I love seeing him do his "about to puke" sketches with the guests.
  3. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
    He had a rocky start, but I'm all in now. Have liked him for ages as a stand up.
  4. Late Show Show with Seth Meyers
    He's a recent entry as my Apple TV YouTube app kept suggesting his clips. Now I'm addicted.
  5. the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
    OK OK the games and some of the sketches are funny. Also The Roots are excellent.