Confessions of a 16 Year Old

the cold hard truths. to be updated
  1. I live in a house with a 9 year old. Whenever I go to the bathroom, there's pee on the toilet. I feel like I shouldn't have to clean up someone else's pee whenever I want to use the toilet.
    Yet whenever I say something, I'm a bitch
  2. I read your text already from my notifications. I just didn't want to move my fingers all the way to reply.
  3. I've never been to a real party
    "a real party? without a cake?"
  4. I don't think I will ever like a guy who has a crush on me first.
    I don't know what's wrong with me.
  5. I don't brush my teeth every night.
    I'm disgusting
  6. I never wear my retainer
    Rebellious! Quirky!
  7. I constantly am wondering if I have some serious illness due to minor symptoms.
    headache = BRAIN CANCER.
  8. I track my periods
  9. My leg hairs are a thousand feet long
  10. I never shave unless I absolutely have to
    Okay, you never have to ABSOLUTELY shave your legs. But God only knows everyone will talk about it if I show up to school in shorts and mile high leg hairs
    I don't know, I've just never had any interest in wearing it. Not that I think I'm so extraordinarily beautiful that I don't need it, I just don't want to change my appearance in that way. It just feels terrible on my face too.
  12. One time, this girl said I had "a perfect face"
    I'll never forget