how to dress like me

also could be considered a "lookbook", as the kids say
  1. white sweaters
    i have like five dif white sweaters that are basically all the same thing.
  2. black leggings
    yes i am that bitch but to tell you the truth i just dont like pants! there! i said it.
  3. birks
    bitch im basic as FUCK
  4. BANGS
    ok but like actually my white bangs are 10x dirtier than they were in this pic :-(((((((
  5. poncho sweaters
  6. cutesy dresses
    why do i look so unhappy in this photo? thats just how i look when im away from my bed.
  7. art socks
  8. black skirt + any t shirt = bomb outfit
  9. grey uggs
    me bitch
  10. natural earth tones are a must
    if it makes you look like a bag of green tea, its a go
    so much of my wardrobe is pink. also guess where this is!!! 💓💓💓
  12. anything weird
    i almost bought these glasses but they were too much. but i say just take something weird or unconventional and make it your own!!!
  13. a tricycle with a wagon of plants on it
    achieve this look hunty!!!!