1. You turn your head slightly and your eyes disappear. Then you open your mouth and WAIT A MINUTE! Are those your eyes!?!?
  2. You smile and your face slowly turns into that of Daniel Day Lewis in full Lincoln makeup.
  3. You open your mouth and the entire libretto text of the mega-musical "Les Miserables" pours from your lips.
  4. This one is pretty much the rainbow throw up but maybe the colors are reversed.
  5. Your eyes become hearts, you raise your eyebrows, they explode, and you scream for 15 minutes until an ambulance arrives. They try to no avail to fix your eyes. There's just no explanation. They've never seen a case like this.
  6. As you lift your eyebrows, your eyelashes turn into overgrown grass and an old, crazy widow emerges from the blades.
  7. You wink at the camera and through some sort of filter Magic the recipient receives a call from their grandmother.
  8. You lift your eyebrows and small farm animals pour from the sky. Then they stop and you're caught awkwardly pretending there are animals falling from the sky.